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our values

Watershed Foods is a solution-oriented company that utilizes our talents to provide value to clients, careers for employees, and support for our causes and people we care about. We are founded to serve and are guided by important values that help to define our brand. These are as follows:  

Ownership/Stewardship Mind Set. We are good stewards of the resources we were blessed with and that have been entrusted to us -- making decisions as if it were our personal business.


People First. We make a positive impact in the lives of others, starting with our employees who we invest in with an environment that promotes excellence.  


Customer Focused. We seek mutually beneficial partnerships, providing unmatched service in a culture that encourages the need to learn, adapt, and innovate to drive value for our customers.


Challenge Oriented. We challenge the status quo, embrace productive change, and will push to make the “impossible” – possible!


Realistically Optimistic. We are responsibly aggressive, taking opportunities and placing value on unique ideas versus going along with the “herd.”


Do it Right. With a foundation of service excellence, we have the courage and discipline to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of our customers, consumers, employees, and company.  


Humility & Hunger to Learn. We admit our mistakes, are open to feedback, and value continuous learning as an important component of a successful company.

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