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ceo commitment

From the first time I was introduced to Watershed Foods, I saw much more than a supplier of ingredients. I saw a company that could solve problems with process innovation. I recognized that we had the ability and capacity to provide sought-after and successful solutions. And, I knew that with hard work, we could introduce new products and become category creators.

Thanks to a dedicated team, hard work, and a lot of prayer, this vision has unfolded beautifully as we create and innovate for customers and consumers worldwide. Customers trust that we will remain a reliable partner that seeks ways to solve problems and provide value. Consumers appreciate our ability to create products that are convenient and healthy.

My commitment to you is that Watershed will always remain a company that provides our customers and our consumers with valuable solutions. With one foot planted firmly in the present, we will always keep one foot in the future - leading innovation, solving problems, and creating categories. I look forward to continuing on the exciting journey with my team, our partners, and our publics.

With Appreciation,

Jeremy Zobrist, CEO
Watershed Foods, Inc.

Freeze Dried Food Supplier, Processor, Manufacturer


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