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Watershed Foods is an Innovative Freeze-Dried Manufacturer Offering:

  • 50,000 square foot production facility
  • 35,000 square feet of freezer space
  • Innovative freeze-dried processor
  • Ideal quality, nutrition, and affordability
  • Partnership approach to ensure success
  • In-house research & development
  • Value through capacity, on-time delivery, & speed to market
  • Kosher certified, Peanut-free
  • AIB Superior

about us

Freeze-Dried Ingredients & Healthy Snack Success!

Watershed Foods started out as an ingredient supplier for large cereal producers. As motivated problem solvers, we began finding new ways to leverage technology to develop and overcome challenges, and provide value to our clients. As category creators, our team developed an unmatched formula for freeze-dried yogurt that was tasty, nutritious, and convenient. Our healthy ingredients and healthy snacks became sought after by labels nationwide as we became the premiere provider for private label, freeze-dried snacks, freeze-dried fruit, and freeze-dried powders nationwide.  

Today, companies worldwide rely upon us to supply them with freeze-dried fruit, freeze-dried yogurt and other premium freeze-dried ingredients. We support many private labels and have tremendous references. Companies of all sizes rely upon us for research & development and innovative solutions. We have become the freeze-dried supplier of choice for many. From product concept to full scale production, we look forward to providing you with highly successful and profitable outcomes.

We welcome you to learn more about our mission and our values.

Products Made In The United States


Wǒmen de jiànkāng língshí shì yóu zài měiguó hé quánqiú chū huò liàng wéi jiāzhǎng hé háizimen xiǎngshòu.


Freeze Dried Food Supplier, Processor, Manufacturer


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